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          公司簡介Company Profile

          Tianjin pengtong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2017; founder: Mr. Liu Haidong; headquarters: Tianjin pilot free trade zone (Airport Economic Zone); has branches and services: Tianjin, Shanghai, Wuxi, Xiamen; provides new, renovated and customized semiconductor process equipment and spare parts, Technical service support and training; business cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies: AMEC, elettrorava, TFE, kenosistec nasys, deam, ultech; professional sales team, process technical support team, customer field service team and domestic and foreign expert consultant team, main customers: Research Institute, University, foundation Fab...; adhering to customer first, quality first, service first, The idea of "speed first" is to serve customers wholeheartedly.


          MVVS 1
          Mr. Fiorenzo Ammendola Director of Kenosistec srl
          Mr. Alberto Montobbio Principal of Deam in Italy
          Mr. Paolo Rava The owner of Elettrorava SPA
          Mr. Stefano Perugini Tech VP of Kenosistec srl
          Mr. Francesco Terenziani TFE srl (Italy) president

          發展歷程Development History


          • a

            New factory setting up


          • a

            Performing the MRC Eclipse Refurbishment and remanufacture
          • b

            As REP for Kenosistec products; As REP for Elletrorava for the PECVD system
          • c

            Cooperating with TFE on the new batch sputter; Cooperating with AMTE for Lam and AMAT system
          • d

            As partner for the companies products, setting up factory in china ( cluster sputter , balancing machine, and Nano sensor )


          • a

          • b

            Sales /marketing /service for the companies:TFE, Kenosistec, Trymax, Deptech, SOS, AMAT


          • a

            Years in the semiconductor field for equipment installation,relocation, sales、service, refurbishment and manufacture.
          • b

            Related systems: Asher, Coat-developer, PVD, CVD, Etch, Evaporation, ALD, Furnace ……

          合作伙伴Our Partner

          聯系我們Contact US

          + 86 22 58982616+ 86 22 58982616




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